Thursday, February 16, 2012


Aloha! Just kidding...Hi. Welcome to the easiest most concise way to rub this in your face. We've been on Maui a little over a month and have pretty much done everything we wanted to do, so I imagine the next five months will be just repeating this cycle. I'll be updating this page with pictures and hilarious antidotes periodically so when the moment moves you check it out. Alright, here we go....

Lahaina, Maui
Lahaina, Maui
Lahaina, Maui
Kihei, Maui
Beach bag:  goggles, sunblock, chapstick, salt shaker, TB packets, atari game

Tub after pool and ocean

After watching the Shanghai Circus

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  1. Love the blog and love the pics. And yes, you have made me jealous. You all look so happy. Excited for you to get settled into your apartment. I am planning a visit in April-the 3rd or 4th weekend. Mahalo. Lori Ann
    p.s. Zach looks like a beard model...again.